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CONstruct is a partner of REconstruct. We focus on modern, new home construction and the modern retrofit of existing homes in Johnson County, KS; cities such as Prairie Village, Fairway, Westwood, Mission, and Overland Park. With a rising demand for more modern construction in established suburbian areas, CONstruct was established. Architects report an increase in requests for flat-roofed homes or nontraditional exteriors in urban enclaves around Kansas City as well as in surrounding suburbs.

Our Mission

CONstruct combines innovative construction with dynamic architectural design. We seek to satisfy a growing market of interest in design where no supply currently exists in this area. Whether it is a new build, room addition, kitchen renovation, or modern retrofit, CONstruct looks at the whole project with customer satisfaction achieved through a transparent budget and strict adherence to schedules.

Our Key To Success

While construction is our main business, customer service and satisfaction is our main concern. We are family-run business and understand the need for budgets and schedules. In fact, CONstruct has purchased a teardown lot in Prairie Gregory-Fam-Demo1Village, KS and we have begun construction after a year-long design process. This home will serve as a model as well as a home to live and work from, so understand the concerns you have.

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Our excellence in delivering a great product is grounded in the principles of quality and sustainability. Simply put, we are committed to creating beautiful, sustainable modern designed homes using a streamlined process that allows us to build, deliver, and complete the project typically within 9-12 months. Because we manage every cut and nail this leaves little chance for surprises for the client. Communication is key for our clients!

CONstruct uses the best quality, local products whenever possible to ensure our homes are healthy, comfortable, and made to last. We give clients the flexibility to select the performance and energy upgrades and design style upgrades that are the best fit for their project.

The CONstruct Advantage

CONstruct provides fully integrated construction services on every project, including engineering and site coordination. We offer custom designs from our architects or will work with the clients' designs. Sustainable designs are a core value for CONstruct. We believe everyone deserves to live, work, and learn in healthy, quality homes. CONstruct's sustainable homes are more comfortable and efficient.

Because of our relationship with our design partners and architects coupled with our collaborative process this provides CONstruct with a unique advantage in the modern home construction or retrofit. We have an integrated team experience from the excavators to the finish trim details. One passion and one focus of delivering excellence to the client.

Responsible Design and Construction

Responsible Design and Construction

Gregory House RenderCONstruct works with design partners who share our values, which mean designing and constructing homes that are using innovative and responsible practices. We achieve our goals through focusing on the end in mind. With timelines discussed and approved by the client, along with discussions regarding upgrades and design styles, we hope to mitigate the surprises and bring the project to fruition while keeping everyone on the same page throughout.

We Begin With The End In Mind

CONstruct will work diligently to make sure what the client envisions and agrees for CONstruct to build comes through with a "turn-key" final end to the project, always with the client in mind.

Contact us and we can get started on the home of your dreams!