Our Prairie Village Home Remodel

We’re excited to share our most recent remodel in Prairie Village – take a look:

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Before and In Progress – A Prairie Village Home in the Making

We’re in progress! Here’s a house remodeling project we are currently working on. You’ll see a few of the before photos with the dated wood, tile, cabinets, ceilings, etc, so you can see what had to be done. Then you’ll see the progress photos, showing the updated ceilings, kitchen cabinets, walls, etc, what we are doing to remodel this […]

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Fireplace Beauty – In the Details

The cold season will be upon us very soon. What shape is your fireplace hearth in?  Here’s our work on a fireplace with the detail of the molding on the hearth. Since the setting is usually the very center of a room, a fireplace should be done well and with precision. What does your fireplace […]

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