Crazy Talk

Remodeling is my life; it is what I do for a living.  I spend a great deal of thought and time improving and recycling “what is” into “what can be.”  My company’s motto is “REbuild.REmodel.REdesign.REclaim.RElove.”  And that is what I love to do. Since I was a little girl, I was always interested in building.  […]

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How About a New Bathroom?

We are remodeling experts in many areas of a home at Reconstruct and one important area we are experts in is remodeling bathrooms. How many hours do you spend in your bathroom? It’s one of the most important room in the house, for adults especially. It’s an area in which you can get total relaxation. Right? Well, […]

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The Hidden Gems in a Kitchen

You have space . . . you have countertops but in a kitchen sometimes you need camouflage. More kitchens are going contemporary and with a “furniture” feel where the big box refrigerators are disappearing into the wood-work and the cabinetry conceals the functionality. How would you like your kitchen to look more fresh and less […]

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If Only You Had a Spa? You can.

These days, people are taking refuge in a spa and not at a gym or spa venue necessarily. They’re looking for something a little more private and cost effective over time, like in their own home. A spa can range from a simple tub to a full-fledged roman bath spa including a sauna or steam […]

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LED – Light UP Your Home!

When LED lighting first came out the initial reactions to it were mixed – some people loved it for the energy efficiency and some hated the look it gave since they weren’t used to the “cool” light. Since then, many styles have come out and the energy efficiency and costs have far outweighed the look of the […]

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What’s Your Design Taste?

Have you ever gone on HGTV or Houzz and said, “I like this kitchen better than that kitchen,” or just “I love that shower,” and no other shower will do? It seems that we are becoming lay experts in what good design is just by looking at pictures these days. We used to have to go to […]

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Making Room for Parents

With our parents aging, the future looms and thoughts begin to swirl on what to do when they can no longer care for themselves or would be better living with relatives or in communities. But more and more of us realize we just want our parents living with us. Demand for in-law suites is growing, says […]

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Remodeling Up Over 50%

Remember 2008-2009? Actually, who really wants to remember the Recession? There is some good news – remodeling is up! Since 2008, home remodeling has risen about 50%. The NAHB’s (National Association of Home Builders) remodeling market index returned to its record of 57 in the third quarter, and the future market index rose to a high 58. […]

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Kitchens – the Gathering Space for Parties

Have you ever been to a party or dinner at someone’s home and you find yourself staying in the kitchen the entire time? The host or hostess might even invite the lot of you to the living room for more comfortable seating but the group seems to stay where the action is. It seems like […]

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If You Build It . . . Will They Come?

If you remodel a basement, an attic, a bathroom, a bedroom, a kitchen or a sunroom will people come? That question can only be answered ifyou try it. Better yet, you’ll enjoy the remodeled space whether they come or not, in the meantime. Here’s some inspiration to get your ideas rolling for your own space. […]

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