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Roeland Park, KS

These soon-to-be first time Homeowners scored this property by financing the purchase of her childhood home.

Though nostalgia reigned, today's standards in raising a family have changed dramatically. This couple had one young child and one on the way and the 2 bedroom ranch not only needed updates, it needed to expand to higher heights to meet their wish list. By adding a second floor, this home now boasts an open concept kitchen/dining/living room, laundry room and home office. This allows for a proper master suite, 2 bedrooms, and hall bath on the second floor ...with plenty of storage for all!

Leawood, KS

What happens when you find a great deal in a great location with big ideas for change...but your contractor walks out half way through?

These Homeowners contacted REconstruct to complete their dream. This was a full house remodel with an addition for a screened in porch that was halfway through a disjointed process. Upon first review, REconstruct found many items were not built or laid out to code. There were structural issues with the addition, the vaulted ceiling, the front porch, the basement stairs and the layout of the new master suite. We helped get the Architectural plans in order, obtain a permit, scale back the construction process in order to obtain a rough-in inspection and get this remodel back on track. Through this process, we were additionally contracted to finish the back patio, exterior siding and unfinished basement, adding two more bedrooms, a bath and family room. This whole house remodel added 1350 sqft of usable space and 800 sqft of outdoor living space.

Kansas City, MO

A young couple with their first baby on the way, fresh out of college, and still living the room-mate lifestyle, were looking for comfort and a little more privacy.

Change comes in all forms and these Homeowners were looking to carve out more space for themselves, without having to move or lose their room-mate's income. An attic conversion was the answer to create a master suite with bathroom and additional space for the nursery. The challenges in this layout were maintaining proper height requirements in the attic space and fitting a new set of stairs to access the additional 800 sqft. Storage and space were maximized with built in closets, storage in the eaves and a few extra skylights!