Gutter Cleaning Benefits

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Gutter Cleaning Benefits

Autumn is beginning in the Kansas City area, and along with crisp colors and cool air, the season is bringing with it your last chance to cross off your outdoor to-do list before winter hits. Besides the typical fall jobs of raking leaves and winterizing your sprinkler system, be sure to clean your home’s gutters this autumn.

While many homeowners believe that cleaning their gutters is a once a year project done every spring, the benefits of caring for them more often, especially on homes with extra foliage during fall, are endless. Some of those perks include:

Reduced Rot
When leaves and other debris get caught in your gutters and stay there, they begin to decay. This process can be detrimental to your home by rotting the wood of your siding and structure. By cleaning your gutters multiple times a year, especially in the autumn when excess leaves are falling, you will reduce the decay occurrences, and keep your home’s wood free of rot.

Water Damage Prevention
When your gutters become clogged, water backs up in them. This water needs a place to go, and often will flood back into your roof, walls, or basement, causing mold and other costly water damage. When you clean your gutters and make sure all clogs are gone, you give water a proper, safe place to escape while protecting your home.

Increased Curb Appeal
Not only does cleaning your gutters keep your home healthy and functioning, but it also keeps it looking its best. Messy gutters all too often become focal points of otherwise beautiful homes, which decreases their value. However, when you maintain your gutters, your home will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Before you pack up the ladder and work gloves for the season, be sure to give your home’s gutters the care they deserve. Done over a quick weekend yourself, or with the help of professionals, cleaning your gutters this fall will help protect your home all winter – and make the cleaning job easier when you tackle it again next spring.

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