How About a New Bathroom?

We are remodeling experts in many areas of a home at Reconstruct and one important area we are experts in is remodeling bathrooms.

How many hours do you spend in your bathroom? It’s one of the most important room in the house, for adults especially. It’s an area in which you can get total relaxation. Right?

Well, maybe you can’t right now. That’s where we come in and create that atmosphere for you. And depending on how much of a change you want, we can create the budget that is right for you.

How about some inspiration?

Here are some before photos of a bathroom remodel we just completed:








And here are our after photos of that very same bathroom!

bathroom-remodel-after-counters bathroom-remodel-after-shower bathroom-remodel-after-shower-bath bathroom-remodel-after-sink bathroom-remodel-after-whole










So, how about a new bathroom?

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