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From breakfast to dinner to midnight snacks and everything in-between, your kitchen sees a lot of foot traffic each day. In a room with so much activity, it can be easy to let your space become disorganized chaos. However, keeping your kitchen tidy with a few quick tips can help to not only create a beautiful space for your home, but also a less stressful culinary experience for you.

Three top tips for organizing your kitchen include:

Divide Your Drawers
When all of your drawers start to look like the “junk drawer”, it is time to take your organization game up a level. Within each individual drawer, consider adding smaller dividers for the gadgets inside. From containers the perfect size for cutlery to liners that keep your knives separated from your straws, there are endless mix-and-match options to fit all of your drawers’ needs.

Install New Cabinets
One of the best ways to help organize your kitchen is to install new cabinets with the help of the professionals at REconstruct. Adding additional cabinetry or simply remodeling your existing structure will help to give you new space to utilize while instantly adding a refreshed, sleek feel to your kitchen. Plus, since you’ll be so excited to show off your new, beautiful cabinets, you’ll actually want to keep them organized. Removing upper cabinets – or even your kitchen soffit – is also a great organization hack that helps you take advantage of more height in your kitchen, while promoting a polished look.

Give Everything a Home
Whether you use labels on canisters, perfectly portioned shelves in your pantry or any of the other countless options, establish a system that gives everything in your kitchen a place to call home. When you do, there will be no excuse for putting the blender where the toaster goes or letting the chip clips pile up on the countertop.

Because of the amount of time you spend there, your kitchen deserves to be kept organized. Gone are the days of reaching for the cast iron and coming away with grandma’s slow cooker. By opting for drawer dividers, installing new cabinets, and giving everything a place, kitchen organization will become an easy habit.

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