The intention for this home was a dramatic remodel, keeping the existing foundation and main floor framing. Projects do not always go as planned and some major adjustments were made along the way. But, the end result is exactly where we wanted to be. The existing concrete foundation was solid with exception to one wall that moved from a reverse grade water issue. We excavated out the rear wall and made corrections to the foundation with the help of our Structural Engineer. The height of the existing basement was "okay" for Prairie Village but we wanted one more foot of height to give the basement the open useable space families are looking to achieve in newer homes and remodels. The existing garage and entry level remained intact and we raised the height of the basement 12" which presented some interesting design opportunities for the Main Floor. This change in foundation height gave us additional room to make the necessary grade corrections with the help of our Excavator and Landscaper. All in all we are very happy with the results of this major update to what once was a brick ranch home.

Location : Prairie Village, KS