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Commercial Remodel – Ferguson – Open House

We recently finished the showroom for the Ferguson, Kansas City show room. Take a look at our work, remodeling an old show room space into a more modern industrial look:

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If You Could Change Your House . . .

What if there were no limitations on money or time to remodel your house, what would you choose to do to change? Take the following poll and see what you and others decide are the most important things in remodeling a house: [poll id=”7″] [poll id=”8″] [poll id=”9″]

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Making Room for Parents

With our parents aging, the future looms and thoughts begin to swirl on what to do when they can no longer care for themselves or would be better living with relatives or in communities. But more and more of us realize we just want our parents living with us. Demand for in-law suites is growing, says […]

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To Remodel or Not To Remodel? That IS the Question.

You have the perfect opportunity – it’s time to create the home of your dreams. But, which way should you go – remodel your current home or tear it down and start over? It seems that everyone wants a new kitchen and master suite. Those can be added onto the existing house. However, if a renovation […]

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Kitchens – the Gathering Space for Parties

Have you ever been to a party or dinner at someone’s home and you find yourself staying in the kitchen the entire time? The host or hostess might even invite the lot of you to the living room for more comfortable seating but the group seems to stay where the action is. It seems like […]

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Dormers – Little Forgotten Space

dormer:  a structural element of a building that protrudes from the plane of a sloping roof surface used either in original construction or as later additions to create usable space . . .  The little known “dormer” is an additional space you may not realize can be created on a second story of your home. Here are different […]

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Remodeled Attic Space

Have you ever looked at your attic and wondered, “What would this look like if it was finished?” Well, now you can see what it might look like. The following pictures are of a recently finished attic Re.Construct did in Brookside in Kansas City. Maybe this will be an inspiration to you as you think […]

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What About a New Room for Your Living Room?

Is your living room needing a new face lift? Here’s an example of one of ours. Can you visualize yours with new floors, lighting and paint? Maybe you need more space – walls can be knocked out and rooms reimagined.

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House Too Small?

So often we look at our home and wish we had more space! Our kids are getting bigger and our house seems like it gets smaller. Here’s a project where the family needed just that. So we built another level and voila! See for yourself:

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