Reconstruct interior remodeling available in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area

The 5 D’s of Remodeling

To Remodel or Not: 5 Deciding Factors by David Hollies Remodeling Factor #1: Distance Distance, or curb appeal, has to do with how well the property looks from the street before a person gets out of a car and takes a closer look. If someone doesn’t have any interest at first glance, you’ll never get […]

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Reconstruct cad services in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area

How Much Should I Budget for my Remodel?

What is your budget? What is your time frame? We will provide you the affordable numbers that best fit your remodeling project’s needs. Once agreed upon, your signature and down payment are all that is needed to begin. (Each project’s draw schedule may be different due to size or complexity.) Note: Most proposals include allowances […]

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