True Universal Design

There are a lot of companies out there pushing “Universal Design” or UD. But what does a person with physical disabilities really need in accessibility?

A recent article by Lauren Hunter, 9 Universal Design Details You’re Forgetting, details the story of a couple who couldn’t find a builder with the forethought to include true UD so they became general contractors themselves. They now educate builders, architects and the public on the various needs of a special needs person and the details that are needed in designing a home.knox-box-universal-design

Here some of our favorites:

1. Knox Box: a mini safe lock box for first responders – EMT, Fire and Police have a key to this box which opens to gain access to the key to the house, much like a Realtor might use.

2. Easy Access Burners: puts the controls at the front of the appliance so those in a wheelchair don’t have to reach across a hot stove.

3. No Awkward Tilted Bathroom Mirrors: everything is lowered for a 32″ height on vanity so the bottom of the mirror is lowered for a better look.

universal-design-kitchen-appliances4. Lower Shower Niche: for ease of access while sitting and showering.

5. Garage Electrical Panels: for ease of access instead of in the basement. Maybe you haven’t thought of how important these different options are to a person with special access needs. Now you do! What other options would you want available?



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