Why You Should Clean Your Chimney This Fall

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Why You Should Clean Your Chimney This Fall

Homeowners all across the Kansas City area are embracing the beginning of fall. From orange wreaths on front doors to pumpkin-spiced everything to preparing for cozy fires in the living room, autumn is just beginning in the Metro. However, before you light your fireplace for the first time this season, be sure to have your chimney cleaned.

Often overlooked as just a messy hassle, a chimney cleaning is vital to the safety of your house this fall and winter. Some important factors that go into a chimney cleaning include:

Structure Safety Inspection
When a Kansas City chimney cleaner comes to tackle your home, they will be able to inspect your structure to know whether it is still in good condition after years of use. These experts have seen the interior of a lot of chimneys, and know what to look for. If something seems off, they can help guide you to the right solution to keep your space safe – whether that means just a slight renovation or full remodel. Catching any issues early like this can also help to save you time and money in the long run.

Pest Elimination
Over the course of spring and summer when your chimney is not in use, pests and other animals have a habit of making a home out of it. During a regular cleaning, those animals will be shooed out of your chimney, freeing it up and making it safe to use for the fall and winter months.

Fire Risk Reduction
Sure, your chimney is mainly used for the family fire, but any unwanted sparks can spread and cause major damage. When your chimney has soot and other debris lining it, even a single ember can cause an out-of-control fire. However, when you clean your chimney, that debris is taken out, leaving you with a safe fire environment to enjoy.

While there is nothing more peaceful than huddling around a fireplace on a cold fall night, there is also nothing more comforting than knowing your chimney and home are safe. Protect your house, and those who live in it, this fall by scheduling a chimney cleaning today.

To learn more, visit REconstruct KC.

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